Cruising across the Delaware Bay aboard the Cape May-Lewes Ferry

Enjoy The Ride

“Just relax, see what there is to see. Take in what the other side has to offer.”

As someone who loves water, Vincent always seems to find himself near the shore. From his house overlooking the Atlantic Ocean to his frequent rides across the Delaware Bay on the Ferry, he is always looking for new ways to admire the bodies of water that he adores. 

Vincent goes for a ride on the ferry
Vincent On The Ferry
“I like to get out on the water and see something different from what’s on the shore,” says Vincent. He takes the trip across the bay, which he finds more pleasant and relaxing than driving, a few times each summer. The Ocean City resident enjoys the shopping and attractions in Cape May, but mostly just enjoys the ride.

Riding across the bay gives Vincent the time to himself that he truly enjoys. He’s been finding quiet escapes like this one for years in order to reflect on life, relax, and admire the water, while also gaining a bit of perspective.

“It’s really good to see something different. I live in Ocean City and I spend a lot of time over there, so it’s always nice to see what the other side has to show,” he says. “This ride is a relaxing way to admire the water and see the other side.”

Despite being incredibly soft-spoken, Vincent left with a bit of life advice circling back to his reasons for riding the ferry. He thinks it’s important to slow down every once in a while, because he always sees everyone in a rush. Instead of finding something to stress over, he thinks it’s important to just take a break sometimes. “It helps more than you’d think,” he claims. “Just relax, see what there is to see. It’s always good to take in what the other side has to offer.” 


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