The Scoop on Cape May's Ice Cream Scene

Get the Scoop: Ice Cream Options in Cape May

Spring, summer, fall or winter, is there a better treat than ice cream? We certainly can’t think of one. With seemingly endless flavor possibilities and ways to eat it, it’s hard to tire of the timeless dessert. We've been thinking about ice cream quite a bit, which led us to wonder: where’s the best place to get ice cream in Cape May? Walking around town, there seems to be an ice cream shop on every corner, so we took it upon ourselves to choose our favorites. While we believe it’s hard to find a bad scoop of ice cream in Cape May, here are a few of our top choices:

Fine Fellows Creamery

Located right on Beach Ave. between Jackson Street and Perry Street, Fine Fellows couldn’t have a better location. Their flavors range from classics like Butter Pecan and Pistachio to more unique flavors like Matcha and a “tropical paradise” called Gadzooks, but they don’t stop there. The fine fellows at Fine Fellows decided to create a range of delicious ice cream sundaes, and named them all after bands from the 1980s! The Cure is a caramel lover’s dream, WHAM! is a s’mores-inspired sundae, and Depeche a la Mode includes a slice of seasonal pie topped with fruity syrup. Oh, and their banana split? It’s appropriately named Bananarama.

Still asking for more after those delicious combinations? Fine Fellows delivers. They put their ice cream in milkshakes, in ice cream sandwiches, and even on top of waffles. That’s right, a Belgian waffle topped with ice cream and whatever toppings you can dream of. Sounds like a dream to us.



Ben and Jerry’s Scoop Shop

We know what you’re thinking: “Can’t I just buy Ben and Jerry’s ice cream at the grocery store?” Hear us out: have you ever been to the grocery store and seen every single Ben and Jerry’s flavor available? Have you ever had it served to you in a freshly-baked, chocolate-dipped waffle bowl? Of course you haven’t. Which is why you need to make your way to the Washington Street Mall and get yourself a heaping scoop of Cherry Garcia. Or Chunky Monkey. Or Phish Food. Or any other flavor you can imagine, because the Scoop Shop has them all.

Also available at the Scoop Shop are Ben and Jerry’s non-dairy flavors! Some of the most popular flavors were re-made with almond milk and are certified vegan, so non-dairy folks don’t feel left out. In the mood for an ice cream cake? B&J’s has it, as well as milkshakes, smoothies and sundaes. It’s an ice cream lover’s paradise!


Peace Pie

For those who can’t decide which dessert they’re in the mood for, we present: Peace Pie. The geniuses behind the shop (located on the corner of Carpenters Lane and Jackson Street, less than a block from Congress Hall) took the classic ice cream sandwich and amped it up by adding pie filling, and the result is nothing short of delicious. The sandwiches start with classic shortbread cookies, which are then topped with pie filling and a massive scoop of ice cream.


Peace Pie’s original flavors were based on classic pie flavors: key lime, pecan, banana crème and strawberry shortcake, to name a few. However, they’ve since added new concoctions like cinnamon mocha latte, peanut butter chiffon and one called “The Elvis,” all of which are absolutely delicious.