Ferry in the bay at sunset

55 Reasons To Take The Cape May-Lewes Ferry

55 Years of Sailing & 55 Reasons The Ferry Continues to Be a Fan Favorite

It’s hard to believe, but after 55 years of sailing (the Ferry started operations in 1964), there are still so many new sights and experiences to discover on a Ferry trip!  Many things have changed over the past 55 years -- modernized terminals, automated SkyWalks and  Outdoor Eateries among them. But, the basics have stayed the same -- a relaxing, fun travel experience that almost automatically makes it into family vacation scrapbooks. 

Virtually every kind of travel enthusiast will find something they admire on a Ferry trip. Here is a list of just some of the fantastic reasons to take the Cape May-Lewes Ferry on your next adventure. Check out our Pinterest Board to see all 55 for yourself:

  • Dolphin sightings along the journey

  • Sunsets over the Delaware Bay

  • Relaxation on the outside deck chairs

  • Activities for the kids such as mini golf at the Terminal

  • Sipping cocktails at the Lido Bar

  • Experience a birdwatcher’s paradise

  • One of the most scenic Ferry rides in the U.S.

What memory will you make on the Ferry? We can’t wait to see! Share your favorite experiences using the hashtag #CMLFerry55!