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All Sizes Welcomed

Since 1964, the Cape May-Lewes Ferry has transported over 50 million vehicles of all sizes, shapes, and colors over the Delaware Bay. The ferries can accommodate approximately 100 standard sized vehicles per crossing. Vehicles range from bicycles walked on board to cars, SUVs, RVs, tour busses and  large tractor trailers carrying interstate cargo. Regardless of the size of your wheels, we look forward to welcoming you aboard. Below we outline details about the types of vehicles we can transport, size limitations, and fare information.

Vehicle fares include the fare for the driver on the ticket.  The one exception is bicycles, where the rider pays a foot passenger fare and the bicyle is free.  Additional treavelers in or on a vehicle are also ticketed and incur passenger fares. Prices vary by season and fare discounts are available for seniors (age 62 and older), military, and AAA members.

All vehicles are driven or walked on (bicycles) via ramps, and then parked or positioned on the main car deck, the lowest deck on the Ferry. If you have special needs, arrangements can be made for Ferry staff to drive your car on board for you while you or those in your party take elevators to passenger decks. 

When You Drive To The Ferry...

Upon arrival at either Ferry terminal, you will drive up to the toll lanes to have tickets issued. Reservaton confirmations are presented to the toll operator and exchanged for tickets. If you don't have a reservation, tickets can be purchased at this time if space is available. At the tolls, you'll be instructed to drive to a numbered lane in the staging lot. An officer will ask to scan your ticket and your vehicle will be inspected by the security team. You may then park and enjoy amenities inside the terminal, or remain with your vehicle.

Approximately 20 minutes before a scheduled departure, boarding announcements will be made, and drivers and passengers are asked to return to the their vehicles. The crew then direct you on to the boat, where you will park your vehicle, turn it off, disable security alarms, nd have the option to stay with your vehicle or enjoy the amenities (bars, food, tvs, and comfortable chairs) on the second and third decks of the ferries. For more information regarding boarding and boarding procedures, please review our Frequently Asked Questions page on this site. 

Standard Vehicle Fares

This category includes all vehicles under 20', or most cars, trucks, and vans. Cars from SmartCars to SUVs are considered "standard" vehicles as are standard sized pick-up trucks. 

Vehicle + Driver One Way Roundtrip*
November - March $28 $51
April - June   &   September - October $39 $72
July - August (Mon-Thurs) $44 $82
July - August (Fri-Sun, Holidays) $47 $94

Memorial Day - Labor Day (Fri - Sun) & Holidays

$47 $94
* Both legs of a roundtrip must be booked at the same time
Additional Passengers One Way Roundtrip
Adult Passenger  April-October $10 $18
Adult Passenger November-March $8 $14
Child Passenger (6-13 yrs)  April-October $5 $9
Child Passenger (6-13 yrs) November - March $4 $7
Child Passenger (under 6 yrs) Free Free


This category includes all motorcycles, trikes (3-wheeled motorcycles), motorcycles with trailers, mopeds and scooters. 

Motorcycles park on the vehicle deck and will not be tied down. The crew will help you park the vehicle in a secure fashion. In some cases, a block will be placed under the motorcycle tires. If rocky seas are anticipated, you may be asked to stay with the motorcycle. 

Motorcycle Group Rates are also available for groups of  25+ travelers (not cycles). To obtain the discount, call Customer Service. Also inquire about special mtorcycle promotions for Rolling Thunder on Memorial Day, Ocean City Bike Week in Maryland in September, and Motorcycle Rider's Month in October.

Motorcycle + Driver One Way Roundtrip
November - March $24  $43
April - June  &  September - October $34 $62
July - August (Mon - Thurs) $39 $72
Memorial Day - Labor Day (Fri - Sun) & Holidays $39 $78
Additional Passengers One Way  Roundtrip
Adult Passenger $10 $18
Child Passenger (6-13 yrs) $5 $9
Child Passenger (under 6 yrs) FREE FREE

Long Vehicles (including RVs, vehicles with trailers, etc.)

Height Restriction: We can accommodate up to 13'6"  in height.

Length Allowance: We can accommodate all vehicle lengths. 

Width Allowance: We can accommodate up to 11'3" in width.  However, if a vehicle is wider than 8'6", the fare is calculated to be twice the vehicle lengt  rate as it it charged for reserving 2 spots side by side. 

Restrictions: No more than 2 cyclinders of propane per RV on the ferry. Cylinders must be safely secured to the vehicle, upright, with all valves closed and tagged. Only one 25-litre (6.6 gallon) container, empty or full, is permitted on board. Propane powered refrigerators must have the thermostat control turned "off".

Note: Roundtrip discounts are available for long vehicles and generally save travelers $3-$4 per booking.

One Way Long Vehicle Fares 20' - under 25' 25' - under 35' 35' - under 45' 45' - under 60' 60' and above
November - March $32 $41 $48 $60 $83
April - June (&) September - October $44 $53 $60 $73 $96
July - August (Mon - Thurs) $50 $58 $65 $78 $101
Memorial Day - Labor Day (Fri-Sun) & Holidays $53 $64 $72 $88 $116


Bike riding in Delaware and New Jersey is an experience.  Delaware is rated the third best state in the country for bike riders and NJ is 17th. Take your bike over to Cape Henlopen State Park near Lewes and explore the myriad of trails weaving through beaches, marshes, and maritime forests. Head the other direction to Cape May, where you can cruise into town and access all the bars, restaurants,and beaches within a few miles!

Bicycles are free on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry (riders  pay the foot passenger fare and walk their bikes on board). 

Bike Rentals are available (seasonally) through independent operators, so you can cruise across as a foot passenger and grab a bike for a day of outdoor fun! Call Customer Service at 1.800.653.3779 to inquire about dates of service and get more information. 

Commercial Vehicles

We welcome commercial vehicles aboard! Please review the long vehicle information above for rates and policies. If you are traveling regularly across the bay, call Customer Service to discuss setting up a commercial account. 

Bus Groups 

Bus groups fall under long vehicle pricing. Bus passenger fares are discounted at bus group rates and vary by season. To book a bus group, please call Customer Service and have your travel details readily available including number of passengers expected per bus, and the length of the bus.

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