Ferry in the bay at sunset

55 Ways To Have Cape May-Lewes Ferry Fun

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry: 55 Years & Sailing Strong

On July 1, 2019, the Cape May-Lewes Ferry turns 55 years old, having sailed more than 80,000 voyages back and forth across the Delaware Bay. The Ferry started operations in 1964, and in the time since, much has changed on both sides of the bay, affording travelers many new sights and experiences to discover while on a Ferry trip. At the Ferry itself, the sailing experience, although reminiscent of earlier voyages, has also been updated with new innovations from modernized terminals and automated SkyWalks to the On the Rocks Dockside Grills and a new Off-Centered On the Rocks waterfront area in Lewes as of 2019. 

But as time marches on, the Ferry is proud not only about what has changed, but also about the basics have stayed the same -- a relaxing, fun travel experience that almost automatically makes it into family vacation scrapbooks. As a result, in 2018, the Cape May-Lewes Ferry was both recognized as 1 of the 7 most scenic rides in the U.S. by Smithsonian Magazine, and inducted into the Trip Advisor Hall of Fame. 

Virtually every kind of travel enthusiast will find something they admire on a Ferry trip. Here is a list of just some of the fantastic reasons to take the Cape May-Lewes Ferry on your next adventure. Check out our Pinterest Board to see all 55 for yourself:

  • Dolphin sightings along the journey

  • Sunsets over the Delaware Bay

  • Relaxation on the outside deck chairs

  • Activities for the kids such as mini golf at the Terminal

  • Sipping cocktails at the Lido Bar

  • Birdwatching on the water

  • Reconnecting with Family 

  • Lighthouse Sightings

  • Experiencing one of the most scenic Ferry rides in the U.S.

Although ferries operate throughout the U.S., they are not as common a travel experience as in Europe. Check out this list of 13 reasons, one UK blogger loves ferry travel. The fact that her luggage can weigh any amount, and she can take as many bags as she wants in her car are two of our favorites; that and the fact that if you take your car onboard you never have to rent a car when you get where you're going!

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, there are approximately 220 ferry operators in the U.S. working out of 37 states. Washington State and Alaska rank among the best known along with New York's Staten Island Ferry. New York and California have the largest reported fleets, but are generally passenger only commuter lines. The Cape May-Lewes ferry is unique not only because it connects New Jersey and Delaware, but also because it is among the 42 percent that carry vehicles of all sizes in addition to passengers. 

What 's your special reason for taking the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, or any ferry for that matter?  Let us know by sharing your favorite experiences using the hashtag #CMLFerry55!