Captain Richard McCann

Captain McCann
Captain McCann

Ferry captains frequently get asked if they can marry people on board. Capt. Richard McCann is no exception.  When couples ask McCann to officiate their weddings on the ferry. "I tell them that if I do, they will be married only for the length of the crossing," he says. Romantic requests on board are definitely a fun part of the job, and a fair weather event. 

Like his fellow captains, McCann also finds Mother Nature's more challenging days rewarding. He gets a lot of satisfaction out of his ability to maneuver the ferry amid small boats, large freighters, and tankers. "Many times in my career, we've been able to come to the aid of pleasure boaters in trouble and help them get rescued," he says.

McCann has spent his entire professional life on the water. Prior to joining the ferry crew, he served in the Navy. Then he worked in shipping as a mariner on deep-sea freighters and as a Merchant Marine captain.

He's crossed the bay almost 34,000 times, equal to 23.6 times around the world.

A native of Cape May, McCann started thinking about working on the ferry when his father was a part-time employee there. He began his own career in 1979 as a ticket seller.

In 1984, McCann earned his mate and first-class pilot licenses. Two years later, he earned his master license to become a ferry captain. He's crossed the bay almost 34,000 times, covering nearly 587,000 miles - equal to 23.6 times around the world.