Captain Stan Hansen

Captain Stan Hansen

Captain Stan Hansen is what some might call a Captain's Captain. Now officially retired, he held the title of Port Captain from November 2014 through his retirement in 2018. Hansen began sailing as a Cape May-Lewes Ferry captain in March 2008, with years of prior experience before that on the Bay's local waters both with the Ferry and other enterprises.

In the role of Port Captain, Hansen was responsible both for the Cape May-Lewes Ferry fleet and its sister ship, The Delafort, connecting the water forts of Delaware and New Jersey. The boat sails in season between Delaware City, Fort Delaware and Fort Mott, NJ.

We carry the most important cargo there is: people

With both operations, "we carry the most important cargo there is: people," says Hansen. "Our ferries on the bay can carry as many as 800 passengers and 100 vehicles, so it's important that we have the most highly trained, experienced crew of professionals to get our passengers to their destination safely and comfortably."

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry requires a crew of between 10 and 14 professionals to operate, including four able-bodied seamen, four additional seamen, a chief engineer and an assistant, along with stewards to run food service and the gift shop. Being prepared for emergencies is a priority for Hansen and his teams.

All of the officers on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry are trained a first responders -- and they are constantly honing their skills in this area. "You can't call 911 when you're out on the water if someone goes into diabetic shock, or there's a fire emergency," Hansen says.