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Holiday Ferry Travel Tips

5 Essential Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Ferry Travel 

Planning to travel with us this holiday season? Here are some helpful tips to make your journey smoother and stress-free:

1. Book in Advance.

Book your travel in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle and ensure that you get your preferred sailing time. Reservations are required for the Cape May - Lewes Ferry, so reserve now.

2. Give Yourself Extra Time. 

During holiday travel, you may need to pack your and your family's luggage and any extra gifts or food you might be transporting. Add to that the holiday traffic, and things can get overwhelming. To avoid any last-minute rush, plan to arrive at the check-in counter at least one hour before departure.

3. Keep the Kids Happy.

Traveling with small children (and even big children or adult children) during the holiday season can be challenging. Pack lots of snacks and on-the-go festive activities to keep the holiday cheer alive during those long travel days.

4. Get Out and Stretch Your Legs.

After a long day of driving, relax aboard the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. Get out of your vehicle and explore the ship. You'll find a cafe, gift shop, bars, and plenty of comfortable seating. If weather permits, stroll on one of the outdoor decks to stretch your legs and enjoy the bay breeze and scenic views.

5. Getting Home.

Don't let the thought of returning home damper your holiday time with friends and family. Secure your spot for the trip home with various options for your departure time available from the Ticket Counter in terminals in both Cape May and Lewes or online here.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure a smooth and safe journey this holiday season.



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