Delaware Memorial Bridge

Internships at the Delaware River and Bay Authority

Opportunity Awaits: Gaining Real World Experience with the Delaware River and Bay Authority

Every summer, the Delaware River and Bay Authority takes on a group of interns from a wide variety of area schools, with majors ranging from Human Resources to Marketing, Engineering, and many others. Interns can be found across all branches of the DRBA; some are at the Delaware Memorial Bridge, while others are down at the Cape-May Lewes Ferry, as well as the Airports.

Part of this amazing experience for college-age or graduate-level students includes hands-on interactions within their field, as well as exclusive behind the scenes tours and intern events to learn about the many operations that the Delaware River and Bay Authority directs. 

A Day at the Delaware Memorial Bridge

The intern experience with the DRBA typically includes a foot tour of the Delaware Memorial Bridge, and the oppotunity for all of the interns to introduce themselves, as well as their school and major, to the DRBA Commissioners at their annual meeting. Beyond that, interns are able to walk some of the Bridge on the small foot path alongside the car lanes, learning a bit about the engineering involved with the bridge along the way. For example, did you know that when a car passes over the bridge, the bridge moves slightly in order to react and respond to the weight of the vehicle? 

View from under the DMB

Fun Fact: There are two spans of the Delaware Memorial Bridge, the first being built in 1951, and the second opening in 1968. To walk either span of the Delaware Memorial Bridge from New Jersey to Delaware or vice versa using the catwalks under the Bridge would take over two hours.

Other Internship Adventures

In addition to being able to gain experience in their field, throughout the summer DRBA interns get the opportunity to embark on multiple adventures like the one at the Bridge. From Forts Ferry Crossing, to the Cape May Airport, and of course the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, interns get the chance to explore each of the operational areas of the Authority, learning about the history of each location, and getting a behind-the-scenes look at how things run.

The Summer 2018 DRBA Intern Class

Internships with the DRBA offer great networking opportunities, as well as real-world experience that can be an impressive piece to add to your résumé.