Travel Stories: a Cape May-Lewes Adventure

A trip for the books! 

Although one might not realize it at first glance, the Cape May-Lewes Ferry serves as a melting pot of travelers, adventurers, and folks from all walks of life. With hundreds of thousands of passengers sailing annually, each individual is on a unique journey and has their own purpose for riding the Ferry. Christy Carlson, a recent ferry passenger, happily shared her family’s experience travelling with the Cape May Lewes Ferry.

The Carlson-Muldowney party

Christy’s party included four people – herself, her son Erik, Jillian, Erik's girlfriend, and Jillian’s mother, Nancy. Erik and Jillian, both 21 and special needs, have been dating for 5 years. Kicking their trip off, the group visited Erik’s grandmother in York, PA. While in town, they were able to do some shopping and even spent some time at the York State Fair.

The second leg of their jaunt led them right to our backyard! Both of Jillian’s grandmothers reside in Lewes, so the four had the opportunity to explore our favorite waterfront town. While in Lewes, they did it all. Stopping at the beach at Cape Henlopen State Park, fishing on the bay, and thrifting are just some of the activities the gang got up to. Prior to this experience, Erik and Christy had never been to Lewes.

Erik and Grandma Joan in Lewes

After spending two days in Lewes, it was time to cross the Delaware Bay and head into Cape May! The Carlson family has roots in Cape May, as Christy grew up with her grandparents living in Wildwood Crest – “We have a picture of my dad watching the ferry as it was being built,” she shared. The last time Christy rode the Ferry was over 30 years ago, around when she was in college. Jill had been on the Ferry once before, but this trip would be Erik’s first time. Erik, who has autism, loves all transportation modes, so he was especially excited to experience the Ferry.

“Visiting Lewes was a really great experience, it was a treat to go!”

While at the Lewes terminal, the party of four sat down for a bite to eat at Grain on the Rocks. Seated outside on the deck, they were able to watch the Ferry arrive and depart – which is always one of the top terminal sights to see! Live music was taking place on the lawn, adding to the atmosphere. Before leaving, they made sure to explore the rest of the terminal and stopped at the gift shop.

Erik and Jill at the Cape May terminal

The trip was nothing but smooth sailing. On board, the party was able to chat it up with passengers and crew, leaving them impressed with the variety of people cruising the bay alongside them. Families and travelers of all shapes and sizes can be found aboard the vessel at any given time; the group recalled meeting a special needs woman whom they were able to connect with during the crossing. Upon arriving in Cape May, Jill and Erik had the opportunity to reconnect with a former aide from their high school days.

“Everyone knows how great the Ferry is, it’s really something special.”

After sharing her family’s story, Christy expressed her appreciation for the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, emphasizing that one trip aboard the Ferry is more than just that – one crossing will leave you with a handful of stories, laughs, and new friends from all corners of the world. Because of this, the Cape May-Lewes Ferry is much more than a mode of transportation; it serves as an asset to the surrounding communities. “It’s time to rediscover the Ferry, to show the next generation what it’s all about!” exclaimed Christy.

Erik and Jill aboard the Ferry

Erik's first Ferry ride was a success, and the group had an overall awesome time. The four did the Delaware bay the best way: visiting loved ones, exploring Cape May and Lewes, and sailing aboard the Ferry shapes up to be the perfect getaway. Thanks to Christy, Erik, Jill, and Nancy for traveling with the Cape May-Lewes Ferry!


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