Vehicle Questions


What size vehicles can I drive on the ferry?

Can I drive my RV on the ferry?

Is there a vehicle height limitation?

The height limitation on all ferries is 13' 6". Upon entering the toll plaza there are height detectors that determine if your vehicle is over-height for our ferries.

Is there a vehicle width limitation?

Any vehicle wider than 8'6" is considered over width by federal regulations and takes up more than one standard vehicle lane.  Over wide vehicles are allowed on the ferry, but will be charged for taking up two  or more lanes as needed to accommodate the vehicle.

Do you have restrictions on the transport of propane gas or gasoline in containers aboard the Ferry?

Safety regulations prohibit the transport of gasoline and propane gas in excess of the following quantities:

  • Recreational Vehicles – Not more than two cylinders of propane safely secured to the vehicle in an upright position with valves closed and tagged, plus one only 25-litre (6.6 gal.) gasoline container, empty or full. Propane-powered refrigerators must have the thermostat control turned to the "off" position.
  • Automobiles – Not more than one 25-litre (6.6 gal.) gasoline container, empty or full.
  • Motorboats (towed) – Not more than two portable 25-litre (6.6 gal.) containers, empty or full.

Certain items, such as paint and adhesives, are subject to regulationsand may not be carried. If you are in doubt about goods you want to transport, please inquire with our Customer Service team before travelling.

How are motorcycles secured?

Drivers will be asked to park their motorcycle sideways and we place a wooden block behind the tire. In rare, high wind conditions, we may ask motorcycle drivers to remain with their motorcyles.

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