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Spot Whales, Dolphins, Birds and More from the Cape May - Lewes Ferry

One of the great things about a Ferry trip is the ability to see Delaware Bay wildlife from a new vantage point. On any journey, it's not unusual to spot Shore Birds such as Osprey, Red Knots, Gannets, and Egrets, and the ferry is a favorite among Birders for spotting many of the East Coast migrating birds. In addition, the Ferry is a great way to spot whales and dolphins. Here a just a few you might frequently see:



Osprey Family Living At Lewes Terminal
  • When You See Them: Spring & Summer 
  • Where You See Them: Close to shore along the Delaware Bay
  • Color: Brown and White 
  • Favorite Food: Fish 
  • Fun Fact: A family of ospreys builds their nest by the Lewes Terminal every year, and you can say hi to them as you sail by!

Osprey Cam




  Bald Eagle  

A Bald Eagle soars over the Delaware Bay as seen from the Cape May Lewes Ferry
  • When You See Them: Year round! 
  • Where You See Them: Nests in trees near the bay 
  • Color: Brown, with a white head 
  • Favorite Food: Fish 
  • Fun Fact: Bald Eagles can sometimes be seen swooping down by the bay and catching fish with their powerful talons.



Dolphins swimming in the Delaware Bay
  • When You See Them: Spring & Summer 
  • Where You See Them: In the bay, alongside the ferry 
  • Color: Grey
  • Favorite Food: Small fish & crustaceans 
  • Fun Fact: Dolphins can sometimes be spotted swimming alongside the ferry, and they are excellent synchronized swimmers!



  • When You See Them: Summer
  • Where You See Them: In the marshes near the ferry
  • Color: White
  • Favorite Food: Fish, insects, and shrimp
  • Fun Fact: To look for food, Egrets stir the water up with their long skinny legs!



A Gannet flies above the water
  • When You See Them: Spring  
  • Where You See Them: All Around the Boat! 
  • Color: White, with Orange and Black 
  • Favorite Food: Small fish and squid 
  • Fun Fact: Gannets love following behind the Ferry, and diving in to eat up the small fish in our wake!


Horseshoe Crab

horseshoe crabs
  • When You See Them: Late Spring & Summer 
  • Where You See Them: Along the shoreline 
  • Color: Brown
  • Favorite Food: Clams and Mussels 
  • Fun Fact: Horseshoe crabs aren’t actually crabs! In fact, they are more closely related to spiders than they are to actual crabs.


   Piping Plover

Piping Plover
  • When You See Them: Summer 
  • Where You See Them: Scurrying along the shoreline 
  • Color: Light brown & White 
  • Favorite Food: Small insects 
  • Fun Fact: If a predator comes near their nest, adult plovers pretend to have a broken wing in order to distract the intruder away from their young.


    Red Knot

Red Knot standing over a flipped horseshoe crab
  • When You See Them: Spring & Summer 
  • Where You See Them: On the shore and beaches 
  • Color: Red and light brown 
  • Favorite Food: Insects and horseshoe crab eggs 
  • Fun Fact: Red Knots take a very long trip every year, migrating from Northern Canada to the southern tip of South America.



Delaware Bay Seals seen from the Cape May Lewes Ferry
  • When You See Them: Spring 
  • Where You See Them: In the bay and by the rocks 
  • Color: Grey or Tan
  • Favorite Food: Fish & Squid 
  • Fun Fact: There are three different types of seal in the Delaware Bay: Grey Seals, Harp Seals, and Harbor Seals.


A whale swims under water
  • When You See Them: Year Round! 
  • Where You See Them: In the bay, alongside the ferry 
  • Color: Black or Dark Grey 
  • Favorite Food: Krill & small fish

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