Ground Transportation and Shuttles

Ground Transportation

What type of ground transportation options are available for foot passengers?

There are multiple options for ground transportation as a walk-on passenger. Please check our page Shuttle Information & Directions for  more information. First, if you are being picked up, both terminals provide free parking, and your party can easily meet you in the parking area or in front of the terminal. Second, taxis can be called for a pick up on both sides of the bay. Please ask Customer Service for taxi service phone numbers, if you need help. Uber is hit-or-miss in these beach towns, but it is possible you will be able to catch an uber from the terminal into town. Third, we have seasonal ferry shuttles which run localized routes into the towns and general vicinity. Check out this page for more information on how to get around.

Can you tell me more about the ferry shuttles?

Of course we can!

Ferry shuttles operate on seasonal schedules and provide service to and from the towns of Cape May and Lewes. For both Cape May and Lewes, the shuttles operate daily between late May and late September and cost $5/person for anyone over 6 years of age. Due to limited seating, reservations are recommended, and you should book your shuttle before you board the ferry by speaking with a Customer Service representative. Occasionaly there are some, limited off season shuttles particularly for specific event packages. For details on shuttle routes, please click here to learn more.