Motorcycles lined up aboard the Cape May Lewes Ferry

Motorcycle Information


Motorcycles now come in all sizes . Rates below are for all types of motorcycles including , trikes (3-wheeled motorcycles), motorcycles with trailers, mopeds and scooters. Wondering when you're likely to run into more motorcycle enthusiasts to swap ride tales?  Check out our blog post on Taking Motorcycling to Sea Level for some great suggestoins of key ride dates. 

Motorcycles ride right on to the Ferry and park on the vehicle deck usually in the forward section.  Bikes are not to be tied down. The crew directs you where and how park the vehicle in a secure fashion. In some cases, a block will be placed under the motorcycle tires. If rocky seas are anticipated, you may be asked to stay with your vehicle, but generally bikers are found on the second and third decks enjoying refreshments while our captain and crew take your ride across the bay.

Motorcycle Group Rates are also available for groups of  25+ travelers (not cycles). To obtain the discount, call Customer Service. Also inquire about special motorcycle promotions for Rolling Thunder on Memorial Day, Ocean City Bike Week in Maryland in September, and Motorcycle Rider's Month in October.


Drivers with Vehicle One- Way  Roundtrip 
November - March  $24 $43
April - June $34 $62
July-Aug (Mon-Thurs) $39 $72
July-Aug (Fri-Sun) $39 $78
Memorial Day/Labor Day  $39 $78
Additional Passengers    
Adults $8 $14
Children (aged 6-13) $4 $7
Group Rates call for rates call for rates