Motorcycles Take Rt. 9 To Sea Level

Motorcyclists Rev It Up Year-Round!

The Ferry welcomes motorcyclists year-round—even during harsh weather conditions—as a way to escape, relieve stress and enjoy the freedom that riding a motorcycle offers. From choppers to cruisers, sport bikes to slingshots, it's not unusual to spot at least one motorcycle and frequently more on any departure. 

The most popular months for motorcyclists on the Ferry are the warm weather months of May through September.  Insider tip: These dates sell out quickly so although reservations are never required, they are highly recommended especially for the September boats. Here's a quick run down of some of the most popular motorcycle times at the Ferry.

  • The season usually begins with the Rolling Thunder “Ride for Freedom”  in Washington D.C. each May, with the Ferry giving long voyage riders a great respite en route to supporting the nation's veterans.
  • In June 2018, other groups start appearing including the Mid-Atlantic Women's Motorcycle Rally and other longer charity tours. 
  • Early September is usually time for the Roar to the Shore event at The Wildwoods, NJ  where attendees enjoy the Boardwalk and Beach as much as the town-wide rally.
  • Each September, special "motorcycle only" boats are scheduled to create camaraderie on the water for those attending Bike Week in Ocean City, MD. 
  • Finally, each October, in honor of National Motorcycle Ride Day (second Saturday in October), the Ferry takes the celebration one step further offering the special motorcycle group rate to any one cyclist all month long!   

Group Rates Always in Effect

Group of motorcyclists gets ready to board the Cape-May-Lewes Ferry

The Ferry is popular with many couple cyclists en route as part of a romantic get-away.  One couple takes an annual trip to the same beach sanctuary each August for time to recharge and reconnect their own batteries. More frequently, we'll see groups of 4-12 riders headed either to a weekend event at a shore town, or participating in a longer charity event.

As of 2018, the motorcycle group rate was improved and available to groups of 12 passengers rather than the prior 25. At various times of the year, special group rates are also extended to groups of 8 cycles.  To inquire about reduced group rates check out our Group Specials page, or call 1-800-643-3779.

Ride The Water On Rt 9

A little-known fact is that the Cape May-Lewes Ferry is one of only two Ferry systems nationwide that connects a U.S. Highway via a water route. The Ferry travels along U.S. Route 9, the scenic north-south route from New York to Delaware. Riders can’t claim to have traveled all of Route 9 until they have taken the Ferry and ridden the route on sea level!  If you do the route, make sure to ask for your special pin noting that you've done Route 9 not only the traditional way on land, but also the road less traveled on water!

Year-Round Excursions

motorcycle couple waiting to board Cape May Lewes Ferry

When the weather cools off, that doesn’t mean motorcycling has  to as well. Some of the most beautiful scenery around the Delaware and New Jersey coasts occur in the Fall months when the foliage changes colors. Wintertime is prime season for bird watching from the Ferry as the Delaware Bay is home to a variety of birds. And the indoor heated galleys on the ferries, give cyclists a great way to warm up for the continued ride ahead regardless of their final destination. 

Motorcycle rates on the ferry vary by season with the winter and spring with seasonal rates varying from 12-38% peak summer fares. In addition, groups of 25 motorcycles or more qualify for special group rates.  For info on group excursion rates, call 1-800-643-3779 to inquire about group deals. 

Whether you're a lone rider, or have a club looking for a unique excursion, the Ferry is a fun alternative to the standard blue highways ride. There are great day trips on either side of the bay from jazz and music festivals on the Cape May side  to NASCAR and tax free shopping on the Lewes side. We hope to see you rolling through our tolls soon so we can wish you a smooth ride with a smooth sail!