RVs wait to board the Cape May Lewes Ferry

RVs & Long Vehicle Information

Long Vehicles (including RVs, vehicles with trailers, etc.)


Height Restriction: We can accommodate vehicles under 13'6"  in height. Upon entering the toll plaza, height detectors will determine if your vehicle will be able to board our ferries.

Length Allowance: We can accommodate all vehicle lengths. 

Width Allowance: We can accommodate up to 11'3" in width.  However, if a vehicle is wider than 8'6", the fare is calculated to be twice the vehicle length rate as it it charged for reserving 2 spots side by side. 

Restrictions: No more than 2 cyclinders of propane per RV on the ferry. Cylinders must be safely secured to the vehicle, upright, with all valves closed and tagged. Only one 25-litre (6.6 gallon) container, empty or full, is permitted on board. Propane powered refrigerators must have the thermostat control turned "off".

Note: Roundtrip discounts are available for long vehicles and generally save travelers $3-$4 per booking.

Want more Info?  Check out our Ferry RV Tips blog before coming on Board. And, always feel free to call us at 1-800-643-3779 seven days a week to chat with a customer service representative. 

One Way Long Vehicle Fares 20' - under 25' 25' - under 35' 35' - under 45' 45' - under 60' 60' and above
November - March $32 $41 $48 $60 $83
April - June (&) September - October $44 $53 $60 $73 $96
July - August (Mon - Thurs) $50 $58 $65 $78 $101
Memorial Day - Labor Day (Fri-Sun) & Holidays $53 $64 $72 $88 $116