Street Rods and Ferry Rides

Out For a Ride

Bird watching and being on the lookout for marine wildlife is fun to do on the Ferry, but sometimes, you may catch a glimpse of a more retro type of bird; like a Firebird or something that looks like it was driven by the T-Birds themselves.
While we welcome cars and vehicles of all kinds throughout the year, it is always refreshing to welcome older and exciting cars aboard. A spike in cars that catch our eye usually occurs the week before and after car shows on either side of the bay—using the Ferry to get to and from their event. 

Jersey Cape Cruisers

Locals from Cape May, these three friends headed over the bay to once again attend the 29th annual Rod and Custom Jamboree as hosted by the Southern Delaware Street Rod Association in Harrington, Delaware. Check out these bright flashes of colors and their story!

'52 Ford Custom

Upon meeting Judy Hoyle, we were convinced that she must have painted this car pink. However, she insisted it was always that way. What the Lower Township resident meant though, was that it was always that way when she had purchased it. Apparently this pretty-in-pink car was most likely once black, but was a Freihofer’s Bakery company car prior to her ownership, painted pink to draw attention to the company. 

’55 Ford Crown Victoria 

This classic car came in classic colors as well. Vic Merrill informed us that the official color of this car is called Tropical Rose and Snowshoe White. He said that these vibrant colors paired with power steering and auto transmission as part of Ford’s attempt to attract women drivers to the vehicle.

’64 Chevrolet Nova

With a car almost 10 years older than those of her friends, Cape May Court House local Sue McMurty rocks a true American icon: a bright red Chevy Nova. One of the most classic American cars of this era, the ’64 was the first year that Chevrolet offered a V8 option within the Nova.


Almost everyday, we have exciting vehicles aboard our vessels, from cool cars like these, to motorcycles, and even 18-wheelers! 

Each vehicle is special in its own way; maybe through the memories made in it or the people who are in it. Ready to bring your own special vehicle and it's story aboard? Book Ferry travel