Things to Do While Waiting for Your Ferry

So you bought your tickets to ride the ferry, showed up the recommended 45 minutes to an hour early, and you’re all checked in and ready to go … except the ferry isn’t boarding yet. We have plenty of activities to pass the time before your ferry boards, all without leaving the terminal!

On The Rocks - Cape May, NJ
Grab a burger to eat or sip on an orange crush

On The Rocks, the ferry’s very own bayside restaurant, is open at both the Cape May and Lewes terminals. Sit down at a table for a meal before you leave, or just stop by the bar for a cocktail or craft beer.


Cape May Terminal Gift SHop
Browse the gift shop

Looking for souvenirs to remember your trip? Stop by the gift shop in the terminal for Cape May – Lewes Ferry merchandise as well as products from some of our favorite local businesses such as Cape May Peanut Butter Co. and Fisher’s Popcorn.


Binoculars over the Delaware Bay

Admire the local wildlife

The Delaware Bay is an incredibly diverse ecosystem, so naturally we see quite a bit of wildlife by the ferry’s terminals. Keep an eye out for fish, osprey, sea gulls and even dolphins! And for a closer look, we have mounted binoculars on the docks. If you’re lucky, you might even see our very own Pirate Pete!



Cape May Mini Golf Course

Play a round of mini-golf

Both terminals have mini-golf courses which are free to the public. Simply ask for a putter at the ticket counter and putt away!




Cape May Playground


Slide and climb on the playground

We haven’t forgotten about the younger family members! Kids can climb on the playground, and parents can easily watch from the docks or from the surrounding benches.



Arcade in Lewes


Get the new high score in the arcade

Our Lewes terminal has its very own arcade, complete with games such as Guitar Hero, Pac-Man and Stacker. Stop by and try to get the new high score!

View from the Lewes Balcony
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the view

The easiest way to pass the time is by taking in the gorgeous scenery of the Delaware Bay. Our terminals are the perfect place to look out over the water and maybe even catch a sunset, so grab a seat and enjoy the view.