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Why The Ferry Is On So Many Bucket Lists

6 Ideas for Your Personal Buccaneer Bucket List

In olden times buckets and water adventures always went together, but for negative reasons -- you always needed a way to bail out!  Happily, today, when we talk of buckets and bucket lists, it's to give people a desired experience that they want to have.  At the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, numerous passengers each year tell us that the trip is on their bucket list, for a wide variety of reasons. Here are a few we've heard to date:

  • Traveling all 50 states, and this seemed a different way to get to Delaware. 
  • Wanted to travel all of route 9, including the water portion of the route.
  • Always took it as a child and wanted to experience it as an adult. 
  • Just got married and wanted my sweetheart to see where I grew up and how we used to visit relatives in New Jersey.
  • Wanted to tick off birds on my bird watching bucket list, and in a new way -- on the water!

And then, people tell us that they come aboard just to experience more scenic touring, as the Cape May-Lewes Ferry is an exciting (and in most cases, efficient) addition to any East Coast adventure. Transporting travelers between two iconic East Coast destinations - the New Jersey Shore and the Delaware Beaches - the Ferry prevents a long drive around the Delaware Bay and hectic travel via the often congested highways through Baltimore and D.C. 

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Don't have a Delaware Bay bucket list yet? No problem! Here are 6 suggestions for starting one:  

  1. Bike through historic Cape May, NJ, making sure you stop by the Cape May Lighthouse and climb to the top for the 360-degree views.
  2. Tackle more than eight miles of scenic bike trails at Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware
  3. Catch one of the best sunsets on the east coast at Sunset Beach, while also witnessing a piece of history - the Atlantus, a sunken ship from WWI.
  4. Continue south of Lewes to soak up the sun and enjoy food and amusement on Ocean City Maryland's wooden boardwalk.
  5. Visit Naval Air Station Wildwood in  Cape May County, NJ's answer to the Smithsonian, and find out why despite it's name, it's never been in Wildwood!
  6. Visit all zoos in the country, including the Cape May County Zoo!

Whether you're an eco-tourist, historic buff, or beach aficionado, there is a Delaware Bay bucket list that can be tailored for just about any interest.