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Loyalty Program

Cape May-Lewes Ferry Passenger Loyalty Program

It's free, it's easy to sign up, and it'll save you money. Whether you're a frequent - or infrequent - Ferry traveler, our loyalty program will definitely float your boat!

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Loyalty Program Benefits

After filling out a complete customer profile (including name, address, email address, and phone number) and notifying our Customer Service team to enroll, loyalty program members will start accumulating points (similar to airline miles) for Ferry travel booked under their customer profile, see conditions below. Accrued points can then be used towards future Ferry travel! 

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How It Works

To become part of the loyalty program, you'll first need to have a customer profile. If you already have a customer profile, log in to your account before booking.

Create Customer Profile

Existing Customer Login


WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: In order to receive the loyalty program benefits, you must be logged-in to your customer profile when booking.

Note: VIP Passengers are automatically enrolled in the loyalty program. Curious about what our VIP program entails?

VIP Program Information  


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After creating your customer profile, send a message to our Customer Service team (including your full name and customer number) so that they can add you to the loyalty program. You can do that by sending an email, or by visiting the Contact Us page and selecting 'Loyalty Program' from the dropdown. 

Please allow up to 48 hours for our team to receive and process your request before attempting to book as a loyalty program member. 

Once you have been added to the loyalty program, simply make your reservations online while logged in to your customer profile, and you'll earn the apporpriate points. 

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  1. Loyalty members earn points as of April 1st, 2024 or Date of Membership, whichever occurs later.
  2. Loyalty program reservations must be made online
  3. Your Customer Identification must be attached to the reservation prior to travel to earn points
  4. Points are accrued on the account when the reservation is boarded in our system, not when paid for (see Frequent Traveler Book exception below).
  5. Points are earned based upon monies spent, $1 = 1 point. Cheaper fares as a result of discounts or packages earn less points.
  6. If a loyalty member is inactive for twenty-four (24) consecutive months, all earned points will expire and the customers membership in the program will be terminated.
  7. Packages offered by the Cape May Lewes Ferry may include elements that will be paid on to vendors. These elements WILL NOT earn loyalty points and will be made clear at time of booking.
  8. Frequent Traveler Books (6 Pack, 12 Pack, etc) earn points at time of purchase. Loyalty Members paying for elements of their crossing using a Frequent Traveler Book will NOT earn points for those elements, but WILL earn points for any additional payments. 
    • Example: Customer 00001 is a Loyalty Member who is using a Frequent Traveler Book to pay for a vehicle and 1 adult, and then uses a credit card for an additional senior passenger. Customer 00001 will earn points based upon the payment for the additional senior passenger only. If Customer 00001 purchased their Frequent Traveler Book while a loyalty member, Customer 00001 earned the appropriate points at that time 
  9. Currently, Members cannot gain points from or redeem points for Food, Beverage or Retail products.

Additional Terms and Conditions


Rules for the Cape May - Lewes Ferry Loyalty Program

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